Are you lifting with proper technique?

By mark


One of the main causes to lower back injuries is poor lifting technique.

1. Walk up to your load. Be as close as you can to what you are lifting.
Often people lift too far away from their body. This places unnecessary stress to the lower back as you have to lean and reach forward, creating a bigger lever movement.

2. Establish a firm and balanced base of support. 
Your feet should be a comfortable shoulder-width apart. This is crucial as force is generate from your legs and not your back.

3. Keeping your back neutral and upright.

A neutral back means you are not arching and sticking your bottom out, nor curling your back like a bridge. It is also important to try and stay upright, almost perpendicular to the ground and not horizontal.

4. Bending at your knees and hips.
By bending your knees and hips, your back does not lose its position and stays neutral and upright.

5. Lift with your legs, not with your back.
Tighten your tummy muscles to keep your back supported. Lift by straightening your knees and hips.

6. Keep the load close to your body.
When carrying the load, remember to keep it close as possible and not out in front. If you have to turn, start with your feet and your body follows to avoid twisting.