Physiotherapy Group Exercise Classes

We now offer a range of group exercise classes to help you improve your fitness & health! Below is a list of the classes offered:

Strong Spine: This is a class dedicated to strengthening your spine and all the surrounding muscles. This class will be very effective for those who suffer from chronic back or neck pain! 

Super Moms: This class is a fitness class dedicated to those very busy mothers. For all mothers who are always running around and taking care of others, here's a great way to take of yourself also - drop your kids off at school/daycare and come spend an hour improving your fitness and spending some time with other lovely ladies. 

Osteoporosis Class: This class is dedicated to those with osteoporosis or osteopenia. This class will help improve or maintain your bone density and help to increase your muscle strength. It will also address risk factors for falls. 

Stretch: This is a class dedicated to the improvement of your flexibility. It is suitable for all levels and for all ages! 

Postural Training for Students: This class is suitable for any students looking to improve their general posture. As students, people tend to hunch over their laptops or their notes, studying hard day-to-day. They can also suffer from back pain from carrying heavy backpacks every day. This is a great class to combat the hunched posture and sore backs! 

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